Borders, thresholds, the spaces between:

These are sites of contact and of transformation–where what we think we know becomes strange and what we don’t know becomes familiar.

These are sites where the most meaningful learning and discovery transpire.

I have devoted my career as an educator to finding innovative ways to make such sites, and the unique opportunities they afford, available to students.

Growing up in a village in Sussex, England, I was an adventurer from an early age. As a child, with the help of my mother and an English teacher at my secondary school, I was fortunate enough to have sensed a spark within myself. This spark inspired me to believe that there was more to see and discover beyond my village, beyond my island.

It took me many years to find my way across the threshold, to embark on a true journey of discovery. In my searching, I was reminded time and time again how hard it is to embark when one has no real guide.

Now, as a professional educator and facilitator, I seek to be this guide for the students I teach, the teachers I mentor, and the teams I lead.

As a pioneer of Open-Space Learning, I facilitate productive and transformative contact zones where collaborative teams are empowered to create their own learning and discovery. Designed as liminal spaces, these zones present boundaries not as barriers but as open doors. In the collaborative spaces I create, identities, cultures, beliefs, and disciplines engage dynamically with one another across borders, producing insights that are greater than the sum of their parts. Even the commonly presumed separations between mind and body, reason and emotion are surpassed as participants are encouraged to engage their full selves in their journeys of discovery.

With a trustworthy guide, even the most challenging journeys become exciting.

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